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Category A          1. Dave Hook - 46100 on NVR                         2. Dave Hook - Kiddy dawn                                 3. Andy Colson - Isle of Man against the sun

Category B          1. Dave Hook - Derby Station downpour         2. Andy Colson - Derby and snow                        3. Andy Byron - Class 37 at Clay Mills

Category C          1. Adam Crick - Dog in Class 2 cab                  2. Adam Crick - Gathering on East Lancs          3. Malcolm Crick - 'Bittern' at Bewdley

Overall Winner    Dave Hook

 Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who entered as the standard was high.


The collection for this project (which is steadily building up) will end in December. The Committee is now looking for sugestions for a replacement projet for 2018. If you have any suggestions for this, please let a Committee Member know or send an email from this site


The following interesting request has come through our website. "We are members of a small group of railway enthusiasts called 'Madras' (Much Wenlock & District Railway Appreciation Society' who have adopted the Jubilee 'Madras' as our club mascot or emblem. We are aware that she was last shedded at Burton and effectively met her unfortunate demise following the incident at Arscott between Wellington (Salop) and Shrewsbury. She seems to have been quite an illusive loco as very few photos of her exist. We are enquiring whether your society or any of its members have any information on 'Madras' which could be shared with us." Can anyone help here?

Would any member of Madras please get in touch with BRS by email or telelphone Rodger Smith 01283-550915.

MIDLAND 4F 0-6-0 No. 44120

"This is an appeal for a photograph of 44120 that was allocated to Aston loco depot from 1953 until its withdrawal in November 1959. During those 7 years it would have been a regular performer mainly on freight trains but to my knowledge no photograph has ever been found. Why was it so camera shy. It’s the only locomotive running in 1959 where a photograph has never been found. Surely it was a regular performer in the Greater Birmingham area.
"I started collecting photographs of all BR Steam Engines that were running in 1959 in 1976 and have built a collection of photos from books and magazines in my own collection and then bought photos from numerous collectors and libraries. In recent years the internet and scanners have been very useful to complete many gaps and along with fellow ‘photospotters’ I think weve just about covered every published photo. There were just under 16,000 engines in 1959 and I've got them all apart from this one.
"I've exhausted all the material in all the major museums in the UK including the vast material in the archives at the National Railway Museum and concluded that no other photo exists-UNLESS- perhaps someone living in the Aston and surrounding areas might have a family photo of a Railwayman with the engine or, perhaps local trainspotters from the time might have a photo in their private collection. Naturally Railway Modellers too might be a valuable place to look hence this approach to The Burton Railway Society.
"I would be most grateful if this appeal could be passed on to your members in the hope that it might lead to finding a photograph. Failing that, any suggestions as to where further approaches could be made would be invaluable. Naturally I would make a donation to the club if one turns up where the loco is identifiable.
"I would be most grateful for any assistance you may be able to offer."
Alan Eastham

A retired second man from Nottingham is looking for information on head codes from the 1970s so that he can fill some gaps in his diary. He says that Nottingham used to work grain trains to Shobnall - 8E90 & 8E92 - and he would like to know where they went to re-loading and where did 8E92 start from. He will be very grateful for any information. To reply go to 'Contacts' above or phone 01283-550915.


Judging of the annual Photographic Competition took place on Wednesday 19 October 2016. 

The results were:

Category A: 1st  Andy Colson - "IoM by the sea"; 2nd Dave Hook - "Statfold chimneys"; 3rd Andy Bryon - "Bury night shot"

Category B: 1st Ken Bull - "Class 47 at Rugeley"; 2nd Andy Colson - "Turbostar in the country"; 3rd Mark Ratcliffe - "Metrolink Depot"

Category C: 1st  Andy Bryon - "Fox on the line"; 2nd Andy Colson - "IoM confrontation"; 3rd Dave Hook - "Nemesis Class 31 livery" 

The overall winner was Andy Colson for "IoM by the sea". Congratulations to the winners and to all those who submitted entries because the overall standard was very high this year. Thanks were extended to local photographer, Ollie Daniels, who acted as the sole judge of the photographic entries.

The attendance was higher than usual (no doubt due to the attraction of the Pie & Peas) which caused Mark Ratcliffe to wonder if next year's event should not return to the main hall.

Before the proceedings commenced more of Roger Newman's excellent photographic collection was running on the screen and after the pie & peas Mark ran through them again one-by-one. 

Rodger Smith


The sale of our late-member Barrie Nicholls's railway collection made £148 for MacMillan Cancer. His cousin Derek and Barrie's family thank all who helped to raise this amount.


Following much work, this Society document has been put on line at This covers the period 1875 to 1911. Type in the surname you are interesred in, then "Click Here at the top of the Burton section. If you find a relative the site mangers would like you to contact them.


See the 'Links' page for details of BRS Member Chris Canner's Bookshop (including his website) if you would like to get in touch with him between meetings.


To see the report and photographs,  Click here


The Society has several photographic albums mainly of scenes in and around Burton with a few covering a wider area and some devoted to loco portraits.


Eric is a local man who travelled all over the country photographing trains, but he also took a considerable number photos in Burton. Eric is unfortunately now blind and the Society purchased his collection of 17 albums from him. These are kept at the Club and can be readily accessed on Club Evenings should members or visitors so desire. Requests should be made to the Club night organiser Mark Ratcliffe. They are titled:

* The Burton Area
* Burton Mainly Jubilees & Scots
* Derby Shed & Works
* Early Diesels At Derby
* LMS Classes 40024 - 54398
* GW Classes Vale of Rheidol No.7 - 3814
* GW Classes 3824 - 6023
* GW Steam Around The Country
* SR Classes Vol. 1 A1X - Lord Nelson
* SR Classes Vol. 2 Lord Nelson - USA Tanks.
* LNER Classes A4 / A3 / A! / A2
* LNER Classes A2 - D49
* LNER Classes D49 - A8
* Mixed Bag GW / SR / LNER
* Around The Country Featuring LMS & BR Standards
* BR Standards & Irish Locos
* Crewe / Shrewsbury & Snow Hill


This album features 50 photographs taken at Cadley Hill Colliery, Swadlincote by this well-known photographer.


Twenty-three volumes of diesel photographs plus a few electrics are also available at the Club H.Q. These photos are 7" x 5" in size, many taken around Burton and are generally stored in albums according to classes. The photographic quality of these is mixed and some are quite poor, but in many cases they form a record of the recent past.

The Society also holds the following albums which contain many first class shots with some in colour and some rare shots eg. 92220 'Evening Star' on 17B Burton Shed.

* The 17B Albums (2 Volumes)
* Burton Brewery System (2 Volumes)
* A North Staffs Album With Reference To The Burton Area.

All of these albums are looked after by Committee Chairman Mark Ratcliffe and a special request to him is required in order to view them. They are usually made available to members at least twice a year.



'Diaries of a Trainspotter' - illustrated talk by Michael Harvey.



'Brewery Railways' by Ian Peaty

'Brewery Railways of Burton on Trent ' by Cliff Shepherd

'British Steam Nostalgia' by Colin Garratt

'Leicester and Burton Branch Railway' by H N Twells

'Life on the Leicester Line' by Tony Gregory

'LMS Album' by C C Dorman

'LMS at War' by G C Nash

'North Staffs Locos' by K Hopkins

'Our Model Railway - the Bass System Railways in Burton' by H N Twells

'Rail Centres - Derby' by Brian Radford


The Society now has in its possession the three Graham Coxon Scrapbooks. These contain articles pertaining to railway interest with many items being of local interest.



The annual photo competition was held on Wednesday 20th October. The results are as follows:

Category A

1. Mark Ratcliffe 177 pts  A Garratt on the Welsh Highland Line
2. Mark Ratcliffe 174 pts  'Great Marquess' on East Lancs Railway
3. Dave Hook      172 pts  44806 at Glyndyfrdwy on the Llangollen Railway

Category B

1. Peter Wardle    159 pts  Dad's Army
2. Peter Wardle    139pts  Smart Car
3. Peter Wardle    135 pts Ghost car (?)

Category C

1. Andy Colson   182 pts  An HST at Dawlish Warren
2. Peter Kenyon  161 pts  46521 on GCR?
3. Peter Kenyon  156 pts  'Leander'

The overall winner was therefore Andy Colson with 182 pts.

Well done to the winners and thanks to the organisers and all those who took the time to submit entries. Finally, it must be recorded that the pie and peas supper was way up to expectations so much so that surplus meals were readily consumed by still hungry members!



The judging of the annual Photographic Competition by members took place on Wednesday 15th October. The event was attended by nearly 50 members and the numbers were no doubt influenced by the provision of a subsidised pie and peas supper. [Thanks to Mark Broughton and his assistant Linda, the pies were delicious as usual.] Luckily, with so many people attending, the event was moved into the main hall which was a far more suitable venue.

The Committee changed the rules for judging this year in that members who submitted an entry were not allowed to vote. As usual there were four classes of entries to be judged: (A) Prints; (B) Digital Prints; (C) Novelty Section; and, (D) Transparencies. Each entry had to be awarded a score from a low of 1 to a high of 9.

The results of the scoring are as follows. However, sharp-eyed members who attended will notice that the scores of the winning entries have changed from those given out on the night. Our scorer for the evening, John Tuffs, had been kept very busy (he could have even missed out on the pie and peas) and being conscientious he later scrutinised his Excel spreadsheet and found a minor glitch. Once it was rectified, the revised counts fortunately did not change any of the results.

CLASS A: Winner John Marsh (147 points) - a picture of a Class 37 locomotive at Crewe diesel depot.

CLASS B: Winner Mark Ratcliffe (186 points) - a Q6 on a North Yorkshire Moors Railway freight train at Newton Dale. Mark also took second place and Dave Hook third.

CLASS C: Winner Peter Wardle (146 points) - with the mail drop at Quorn.

CLASS D: Winner Andy Colson (179 points) - a train hauled by a GWR pannier tank crossing the Dee Bridge at Llangollen. Andy also took the second and third places.

The overall winner with the highest number of points was Mark Ratcliffe who receives the Peter Clamp Trophy for the next year.

During the count and after the results were announced, Mark Ratcliffe showed slides of the local area that he had recently acquired. This rounded off a most enjoyable evening and thanks go to all the members who submitted entries, to the winners, to John, to Mark and Linda for the food, and to all those who contributed to the organisation and those who attended.


The winners of the BRS Photographic Competition as judged by members on 18th October were as follows:

Section A (Colour Prints) Chris Worley (360 points) with a shot of 41241 hauling two coaches on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway.

Section B (Digital Prints) Mark Ratcliffe (455 points) with B1 61306 on the Nene Valley Railway with a spectacular smoke effect. This photograph was also judged to be the overall winner of the competition.

Section C (Happy Snapper) Dave Hook (380 points) whose entry was entitled: "The chap doesn't seem to be having much fun." - getting drenched by the water column.

Section D (Slides) Peter Kenyon (445 points) with a shot of 71000 Duke of Gloucester.

We congratulate the winners and thank all those who entered the competition.

Thanks also go to John Tuffs for organising the event and to Dave Hook who spent most of the evening entering the scores into a laptop prior to announcing the results. Whilst this was happening members enjoyed a substantial meal of Pie & Peas prepared by Mark Broughton - well up to his usual excellent standard. The collating of the scores took some time, but members were kept entertained by Mark Ratcliffe with the screening of 70 slides. The first 14 were a mixed bag of pre-Colour Rail Slides by CCQ & ADC which Mark obtained from a recent visit to the Mid Hants Railway. These slides featured scenes from all over the country and included some rare colour shots of pre-nationalisation steam. Next came half a dozen local scenes of industrial locos at work at Tutbury Plaster Works & Bagworth Colliery. The second magazine was dedicated to bygone scenes in Derbyshire with just an occasional excursion over the border. Steam locomotives were the main subject matter, but a few diesel locomotives and a couple of DMUs were screened.

Those present voted the evening a great success - especially the pie & peas - so if you didn't come this time the meal is already booked for 15th October 2008 - see you there!

Finally thanks to John Marsh who once again volunteered to engrave the trophies for the winning entrants.